Dos and Don'ts For Your Baby's 1st Birthday Photo Shoot

Is your baby turning 1 year old very soon? If yes, then you must be planning for the 1st Birthday Photo Shoot. The first birthday of the child is, undoubtedly, one of the most memorable days for the parents. Thus, it should be captured with expert assistance from an experienced professional photographer.

However, planning the first birthday photoshoot for the baby can be quite challenging as things might not go as planned. Thus, it is important to keep many things under focus for successfully capturing all the beautiful moments without any hassles. LifafazKids is one of the best names to extend an unforgettable 1st birthday photoshoot experience to the parents and baby.

We are here with some dos and don'ts that should be followed to make the 1st birthday photoshoot a huge success. Care enough to explore?

Dos and Don'ts for 1st birthday photoshoot –


1.    Choose a party theme:

To make the photoshoot memorable, it is highly recommended to choose a theme for the party. You can choose any theme that your baby likes and adores. Moreover, you can also consult expert professionals to focus the entire photoshoot around a centric theme.

2.    Bring multiple outfits:

It is always better to have multiple outfits for your baby. You not only can get your baby clicked in multiple outfits but you will also have an extra pair if any outfit gets dirty. You can have adorable pictures of your baby in different outfits.

3.    Do use creative ideas:

You cannot force a baby to pose in a certain way. Thus, it is important to be creative and innovative to get the best pictures of the baby. You should think out-of-the-box to get candid and planned poses of the baby.


1.    Don't stress:

You surely want the 1st birthday photo shoot to be a huge success but don't stress too much about that. Rather you should focus on enjoying those precious moments with your baby and loved ones. When you enjoy it naturally, every captured photo will also be naturally beautiful.

2.    Don't forget to plan the shoot:

There will be a lot to do during the 1st birthday shoot of your baby. Thus, to get all things done, you should not forget to make a list to plan everything you need. Having a planned list will also reduce the risk of any chaos that can otherwise ruin the photoshoot.

3.    Don't forget the special attention to the cake:

After all, it is a birthday party and so should have the best cake. Don't forget to choose a cake according to the theme of the party. Also, don't simply choose extra sweet cake; your baby may not just like the extra sugary flavours.

Final Thoughts:

Besides looking for perfection in the 1st birthday photoshoot, you can rely on the expertise of LifafazKids for the Best Maternity Shoot as well. Our creative and unique ideas are enough to assure the grand success of the photoshoot.

To get more details about the photoshoots, you can write to us in the comment section. We will get back to you with expert assistance.

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